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Visible Sawing

Borrow a girl right out of the audience. Place her on any table and cover her middle with the wooden frame.The NEW CORDLESS power jigsaw is started up and you run it right thru the frame and out the other side.


Professional Illusions

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Appearing Garden Shovel

The ORIGINAL Appearing Shovel created by Wayne Rogers. Add this novelty production to your act right away.

A long handled shovel is produced from a rolled up paper cary bag. Do it anytime in your act.


Bunny Box - Barn

A slate is shown and a rabbit is Sketched on it. A helper holds the box while the picture is inserted into a slot. The helper opens the front door of the box to show the picture. The box is closed and the performer takes a peek thru the top door to see if anything has happened.

The box is opened by the helper and shows that a rabbit has appeared from nowhere!



Card To Bottle Nested Boxes

The performer shows an empty bottle and places it inside of a small “treasure chest” that is then placed inside of a larger “treasure chest” and left in plain view of the audience.

A helper chooses a card from a deck and shows it around to the rest of the audience. The card is returned to the deck and caused to vanish from the pack.


Chair Suspension

The Mak Magic Chair Suspension is a 1 person illusion!

NO assistant is required, an audience member can be used.

Perform completely surrounded clear of back-drops or drapes!


CEO Briefcase PRO

Walk onstage carrying an ordinary briefcase and set it down on the table. When you open it up, remove a basketball or other large item that cannot possibly fit in the briefcase.



Gumball Illusion

The Gumball Machine can be Performed and Shown Surrounded - BOTH Sides! Borrow and Vanish ANY spectators ring. A quarter is inserted into a gumball machines coin slot and the crank turned.

A prize capsule is heard to drop from inside the machine. Capsule is freely shown and slowly opened. YES the borrowed and vanished ring is now inside this capsule. NO SWITCH!