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Gumball Illusion

Professional Superior Quality

The Gumball Machine can be Performed and Shown Surrounded - BOTH Sides!

Borrow and Vanish ANY spectators ring.

A quarter is inserted into a gumball machines coin slot and the crank turned.

A prize capsule is heard to drop from inside the machine.

Capsule is freely shown and slowly opened. YES the borrowed and vanished ring is now inside this capsule. NO SWITCH!

Or come up with your own routine, have the spectator turn the crank & you touch nothing!

Have the borrowed & vanished ring appear in the 3rd capsule, not the 1st.

Metal Gumball Macine & Shatter Resistant Globe.

16 by 8 inches.10 Pounds. FOUR Real USA Quarters included for International Dealers.

Ring Vanishing Hank and Cover Silk for Globe INCLUDED.

Supplied with Globe filled with capsules.

Optional Steel Base see P8791. Contact us for info.

Price: $589.95