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Appearing Pole from Newspaper - W Rogers

Wayne Rogers' Opinion Pole, the pole production with attitude!

Pick up a newspaper and turn the pages while commenting on the headlines.

Switch to the subject of opinion polls.

Talk about their influence, margins of error, etc.

"We all know about opinion polls, but what do they look like?"

Suddenly, from the newspaper, you produce a three-dimensional newspaper covered 8 ft pole.

Now that's an Opinion Pole!

Opinion Pole is based on standard "Appearing Pole" technology but the novel covering gives it a whole new meaning and look.

Perform Opinion Pole any time during your act. Self-contained.

Simply reach into the pages and pull out the pole.

Comes with the special pole and gimmick!

We'll even toss in some great headline gags!

You supply the newspaper.

Price: $99.95