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Hopping Diamonds

This trick consists of three plastic sticks containing assorted jewels. (stones)

The spectator assumes that there is only one stick. The three sticks are palced in the right hand coat poket. We use two turns during the performance. The first is called the "paddle move." or "imaginary move" as in the trick "Tricky Paddles."

The imaginary move is done by keeping the stick between the thumb and first finger and turning between the fingers at the same time as you are turning over your wrist as you show it to the spectator. Your spectator seems to see both sides but in reality only sees one side.

The second move is the actual move where the paddle is not turned over between the fingers but both sides are actually shown. We will call these moves (1) paddle and (2) real.

Here are some tricks to do. You will find many more as you work with the sticks and will be limited only by your imagination.

1) Take the stick with only one stone out of your pocket. Hold the stick with stone between your fingers. Show both sides using move 2. Now take the stick with your fingers and you can show both sides empty with move 1. In this way you can show a stick that is entirely empty. *Now use move 2 and show the jewel. It has appeared.

Now hand out the stick for examination then you can take it back with the jewel showing. Now that you know, use move 1 to show the jewel(s) on each side.

Lay the stick in your left hand with the jewel(s) showing. Close your hand over the stick and turn your fist over. Push out the stick with your right thumb and the stick will not have a stone showing. take the stick in your right hand and using move 1, show the stick empty on both sides. Now put the stick in your pocket and exchange for the stick with four stones.

Now you say, "OK, I will now show you how the trick is done." Take the stick out of your pocket with your thumb covering the stones that are set close together.

Now show the end of the stick that is empty. Now repeat all beginning with the asterisk* above (Now use move 2 and show the jewel....)

You can also do the paddle move with your thumb in the middle to show the two jewels hopping from end to end.

With the third stick you can do the same moves showing changes of color. For comedy, you can wave the stick over a red object and change the jewel to that color.

With a littel practice, you will be able to do amazing things and what you received for free is actually three magic tricks in one. When you see a Magic Hot Rod for sale you will know how the magic is done.