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Power Pickpocket - Foam Wallet - Magic Trick By Gosh

Tom Burgoon is a comic genius, and as Mac King said, TomĀ“s Power Pickpocket is just too cool!

The Power Pickpocket Gimmick gives the illusion of stealing your victims wallet right in front of the audience! You can look through it, examine the insides, and then return it without the victim ever noticing!

Most of us magicians aren't adept at stealing wallets, but this is perfect for us! It requires absolutely no pick pocketing skill whatsoever. The included unique wallet does all the work for you.

You receive a very special foam wallet designed by Tom Burgoon and produced by Gosh. Its made from ultra-soft foam, easily manipulated like any sponge ball. However, the inside of the wallet holds numerous credit cards that look real! Burgoon has used this gag as part of his full comedy shows for years.

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