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Allen's ESP Chip - Several Magic Tricks In One - Carry In Your Pocket

Effect : The spectator freely selects any one of the five ESP symbols. There is absolutely no force. The performer displays a Poker Chip, blank on both sides and drops it into a small pay envelope.

The spectator is asked to concentrate on his selected symbol, as the envelope with the blank chip is held to his forehead. When the spectator subsequently opens the envelope, an impression of his selected design is found to have transferred onto the chip, engraved on it.

That is the original effect, but we have added more. Variations include making the selected design jump off the card, which is now blank, and be found engraved on the chip. We even give you an extra and completely different effect with the props supplied, where you predict an ESP Chip selected by a spectator.

You get every thing required - the ESP Cards, the engraved ESP Chips, pay envelope, all necessary "extras", and 3 pages of detailed routines.

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