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Video shows just one trick you will learn.

30 Tricks & Tips With Spongeballs Combo By Magic Makers

Everything you need to learn about Magic Sponge Balls is explained in 30 effects by master magician, Eddy Ray.

Instructional step-by-step magic training allows you to become a master at these astounding magic spongeball effects.

This magic kit includes the instructional magic training DVD as well as a 4 pack of Magic Makers Spongeballs.


    Bare Handed Production

    Fist Production

    Continuous Split Production

    Roll Appearance

    Purse Frame

    French Drop

    Retention Vanish

    Retention Vanish #2

    Retention Vanish #3

    Bare Handed Vanish

    Over the Top Vanish


    Sawing in Half

    Basic Transportation

    Count to 10

    Ball Into Silk

    2 In Hand, 1 In Pocket

    Balls From the Mouth

    Professional Routine

    Triangular Matrix

    Double Vanish & Reproduction

    Roy Benson Spongeball Production

    Eddy Ray Spongeball Explosion

    Bare Handed Production with No Thumbtips

    Tips for Spongeballs

    Classic Palming for Spongeballs

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30 Tricks and Tips With Spongeballs