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Armadillo Magic

Are you one of those kids who were fond of playing with magic tricks during their childhood? Were you one of those kids who would cry out loud watching magicians performing their acts during exhibit at your school? Well now, you can do it too in your own yard with your own crowd.

Back then, magic shows were a common source of entertainment in which performers would perform their magic tricks in a crowd of people. Do you want to learn some Armadillo Magic? Keep in mind that when you want to learn magic tricks, you need to boost your self-confidence and creativity as well. Here are some simple magic tricks that you can practice and perform in front of your siblings or with your classmates and even with other members of the family.

Pepper Trick. In this trick you need to use soap, water, pepper and a cup. The magician should have pepper and water in a cup. You need to have a volunteer, maybe your classmate and ask him to put his fingers in the water. Ask him to try to separate the pepper but when he does this, nothing will happen. Now, the magician this time will put his fingers in the cup just like what the volunteer does, and the pepper separates. The secret in this trick is in you put the pepper in the cup, then before you show your magic trick make sure the you rub soap on your fingers. Viola!