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PsychoKinesis with Silverware

Watch and learn over 20 different moves perfected by master illusionist, Ben Salinas. You will learn the illusion of making basic utensils move, twist, and bend using nothing but your mind. DVD Only.


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An easy card pop out effect.

"Straight Pop is one of my card trick effects since 2012. And now it is available for free instant download." - Kelvin Trinh

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Mandolin Bicycle Decks

The Mandolin deck is the only Bicycle brand deck that provides maximum flexibility in gaffs and is specifically designed to look similar to the Bicycle Rider Backs.




As seen on the hit TV series "Criss Angel Believe" on SpikeTV! Over 20 AMAZING Tricks YOU can Perform!

LIGHTS UP!  (Criss Angel Deck Included.)


Magic Light Bulb

Happy Halloween!